Sometimes you might not want all log arguments to be formatted and converted into a string. For these cases you can change the message construction strategy by passing a MessageConstructionStrategy enum in the configuration object.

const { MessageConstructionStrategy } = betterLogging;
betterLogging(console, {
  messageConstructionStrategy: MessageConstructionStrategy.ALL,


  • ALL (default): Will consume all arguments and format them as a single string. log(1, 2, 3) => impl.log(format('1 2 3'), ...[])

  • FIRST: Will consume just the first argument and format it as a string, it will then spread the rest of the arguments into the implementation call. log(1, 2, 3) => impl.log(format('1'), ...[2, 3])

  • NONE : Won't format any arguments, HOWEVER the format function will be called with an empty string as the message. log(1, 2, 3) => impl.log(format(''), ...[1, 2, 3])

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